Spring-Landscaping1     Winter will becoming  to an end soon and spring will be here and that means now I can no longer hide my front landscaping under the disguise of dead leaves and dormant shrubs. This time of year always stresses me out because I have no talent or skills in landscaping and gardening…and being a Realtor I know the importance of curb appeal. So this spring I have decided I will take some action. I have been talking to numerous professional landscapers about landscaping design. I want to share with you a few tips I have learned:
*While picture perfect beauty is important in landscaping the design should also be convenient and easy to care for.
*It is important to have a coherent plan to start with. Planting plants in the right place will reduce maintenance and ensure success. It is best to plant trees, shrubs and plants that are appropriate for regional climate.
*In planning, it helps to have an understanding of what your long term goals are for your property.
*Varying the color, size and texture of your makes the landscaping more appealing to the eye.
*If you have any drainage, soil or water issues correcting the issues may improve your landscaping success.
*Curved lines rather than straight lines create balance and proportion.
*There should be enough interest and balance among the details to catch your eye but not TOO many focal points.
They say “Beautiful lawns are built, not born.” Wish me luck as I prepare to get busy building my lawn.SPRING