I lost a friend last month. Well, I say a friend, he was really someone I barely knew, but he influenced my life over the course of 30 years. Basile Kolliopoulos was a talented local musician who played for the Fortune Tellers and the Reverb Brothers, two of my favorite local bands. I haven’t been to Basile’s home in over 28 years (there were some fun parties there back in the day, though), we didn’t talk on the phone or go out to dinners with our families, but there was a bond, a closeness that I felt to him. That bond was one of history, admiration, respect, and…I guess, love and friendship.
Basile solo
I have been going to see The Fortune Teller & Reverb Brothers for almost 30 years and their music not only forced me to dance, it forced me to be happy! I could dance with passion and freedom whether I was 25 or 50 and Basile made it oh, so easy with his edgy vocals and high-energy presence!! All of my troubles would disappear for a few hours as I danced and communed with the unique group that would congregate to hear them.  I was transported back to a time when life was full of promise & excitement, full of rebellion and clubs and stale cigarettes smoke, full of love and heartache.
baasile #2
When word got around that Basile was terminally ill, people from all walks of life flooded his Facebook page.  They shared stories, videos and pictures of how he had touched their lives and they relayed the laughter, joy and experiences they shared with him. He was fortunate to get to hear some of the stories and see some of the pictures posted about him. I heard he had no idea he had touched so many people with his life and his music; he was shocked that so many had commented about him and were saddened by his illness.  After his death, the comments continued as people expressed their saddness and posted more stories of how he had touched their lives. Basile’s death has caused me to be very introspective the past few weeks. Will it matter when I’m gone? Have I touched lives in such a way that people will feel a loss when I’m no longer here? I hope that I have, but I have dedicated this year to making sure that my life does make a difference! I will be remembered as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a Realtor…but I want people to remember me and say: Laurie was a person who was accepting and non-judgemental, honest and full of intergity, fun-loving and most of all, kind and giving.   Maybe we should all take some time to re-focus and look at how we are making a difference in the lives of those around us.                                                      RIP Basile, until we meet again, my friend.

casual basile