What’s in store for I-240?

Photo courtesy WalkLive.org, referenced in the ULI OK Envision 240 report.

Well, according to a fascinating report produced by the Urban Land Institute of Oklahoma, the retail developments along I-240 are nearing the “end of the real estate investment cycle.”  The report suggests that the area is poised at a divide, ripe for either decline or revitalization.

The report evaluates the challenges and opportunities facing the I-240 corridor, and (of course) offers suggestions for transforming the area into “a model of sustainable redevelopment that capitalizes on the proximity of the corridor to other vital areas (Will Rogers World Airport, I-35, Moore, Norman, and Tinker Air Force Base)”.

Check out the full report here.


*photo courtesy WalkLive.org, featured in the ULI OK Envision 240 report.