bucketlist1     On a recent visit home from college my 21 year old son randomly announced that he was working on his “bucket list”. Like any mother for a second my heart stopped but he quickly assured me that all was fine. He and his friends decided that they were going to create their own personal “do to” lists…with the goal of living life to the fullest. I was touched by this expression of enthusiasm for life from my young man…that at the young age of 21 he is already learning to appreciate that every day of life is a gift. On his list were typical things that would freak a mother of a 21 year old boy out…skydiving, bungee jumping off a bridge, repelling off a mountain, flying an F-15, etc…but there was also many items that showed his true spirit. Getting married, having a family, helping someone overcome financial distress (he said once he is no longer a poor college student)…I was so touched.

bucketlist3      And yes…I saw the “Bucket List” movie, it made me laugh and cry as I watched the two old men learn to really appreciate the gift of life and love. And of course, I sing along to Tim McGraw’s “Live like you were dying”. I don’t want to ride a bull named Fu Man Chu but I do admit that I used to be so much better at really, really appreciating every moment that is given to me. I am embarrassed to say that lately I admit that sometimes I get so wrapped up in performing the functions of everyday life that I sometimes forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the day that I have been blessed to have.

bucketlist2     I have never been good at keeping New Years resolutions but this year I am going to try to keep focused.  In an effort  to continue my sons zest for life attitude I started thinking about my own bucket list and I what I could do better for 2013 to help me appreciate the smaller things in life more. It has already been an insightful thought process helping me to re-prioritize. So what is on your bucket list? I encourage you to just take a moment to think about it…it might just give you a new enthusiasm for life.