Do you ever feel under appreciated..ot taken for granted? If you answered yes, rest assured you are not alone.

There are plenty of people that go above and beyond the call of duty in their jobs,their families, or volunteering and get nothing in return.

And..there are others who just do simple things..such as be sure the copier is full of paper, that make the lives of others easier or more enjoyable. You may be one of them.

If you are never told from time to time,what you do for them makes a difference in their job,their life…you may think why bother?

Other people aren’t any different .Even though many times we do things for others without expecting a “thank-you” its always special to receive one. And..I’ve also found its special to give a “thank-you” to someone who truly isn’t expecting it. It seems to make them want to be even more helpful to you. In the Real Estate industry there are many people…I call “support people” that help the Realtor get a client to closing. The lender,title company,inspectors,call cordinators, closing agents, repairman,etc. a mighty long list!

I think its good to stop and think about what kind gestures have been done for you. Take inventory of the things a co-worker,client,friend,etc. has done to make your job a little more enjoyable. I know I even apprciate an upbeat attitude..or when someone answers the phone with a “smile!” 

A lot of the time we know we appreciate these people…but for whatever reason we never tell them!  It can be something as simple as a sincere spoken “thank-you” to a gift card,or a simple note telling them we appreciate them.

“Appreciation” can go along way in a service industry like Real Estate. A greatful heart always seems to produce good will and future business.

I truly do appreciate all of those that have helped me build my 20 plus year Real Estate career. And I hope I will always stay mindful to tell them so.