A Summer Trip Back in Time

by Phil Gibson on July 21, 2014

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Recently I have been visiting the many (MANY) lost communities in Oklahoma. There are so many of these places which once witnessed fortunes made and lost in the oil and agriculture booms of another era, places where lives were lived to the fullest, dreams hatched and futures set in motion. Then, ours was a nation of small,l tightknit little towns that bustled with commerce and boasted tidy houses with rose bushes and sidewalks.Impressive mansions built by craftsmen from first growth lumber and hand hewn stone were built as monuments to the egos, work ethic and good fortune of the local rich. Everything  one needed could be found in town as well as much of what one wanted. There were florists and milliners, dress shops and dry goods, hardware stores and car dealers, a druggist, banks, medical doctors ( who made house calls) and a lawyer and banks.  Shoe stores, furniture stores,  a butcher, a baker and a green grocer were always at hand.  Life in these towns was rich and full and promising and there was a distinct sense of community.

Today, so many of these small towns in Oklahoma are patches of weeds, empty shop fronts and decaying brick streets. Dreams don’t live here anymore, but the wonderful architecture, the tidy homes and the lavish mansions, the stately churches and public buildings still exist, in a much altered and neglected state I always imagine that it would be wonderful if some rich person would start buying up these communities and re- invigorate them in the same way that John D Rockefeller re constructed Williamsburg, Virginia. These are the kinds of atmospheres that todays planners and developers are always trying to re create… yet never succeed.

While we wait for someone to finally “get it” and realize the value of restoring, re making and re -using this treasury of  living assets, its worthwhile to take the time to visit them .It’s sad to see such treasure wasted, but nonetheless informative and mildly adventurous to eavesdrop on the lives that were lived in these places and a chance to make our own lives richer for the effort of looking back. The scale of these small towns is cocooning and the walkable proximity of domestic dwellings to commercial buildings are enviable in todays world of freeways to mega mall parking lots. Imagine  what it must have been like to send your ten year old to the corner store for milk and bread without a worry that he might be kidnapped, run over or assaulted. Imagine picking flowers from your garden for an arrangement on the Church Altar or sitting on the FRONT porch and greeting neighbors as they passed. One can almost close their eyes and imagine Peach pies cooling on a windowsill and neighbors sharing secrets over the garden gate. These forgotten towns are not Hollywood back lots. Rather, they are real settings that have slipped from memory but that once were recognizable and, for a time, important places.

These little towns are worth a visit. Get out of your car and walk around. Peer through the dusty windows and appreciate the brickwork, the tin ceilings and the wavy glass.  If there is a café, order the Chicken Fried Steak and a Sweet Tea. Take a vacation to an earlier time.



Random Stats

by Bill Wilson on July 16, 2014

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Months Supply

Hasn’t been this good in a while folks! Today there’s 6,543 homes on the market in the MLS and 10,194 have closed in the last 6 months. That means at current inventory levels, there’s a 3.8 month supply of homes. Five to seven months is considered balanced, so we’re definitely in a sellers’ market. That’s why we’re seeing quite a few multiple offers on homes now.


I was surprised at this one. 3,215 of the active homes are shown as unoccupied. That’s 49%. Nationally it’s been 13.5%. Doesn’t our number seem high?

Cash Sales

2,795 sales over the last 6 months were cash sales. That’s 27.5% and although a little lower than usual will probably seem high to a lot of you.

Have any other questions about the Oklahoma City real estate market? Just let us know, we’ll be happy to help you.

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by Tammy Ryan on July 14, 2014

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 My very close friend recently had her life turned upside by someone who stole her identity. This thief stole her identity from credit card information that she used online. The thief then proceeded to charge $19,000 on her credit card. I saw firsthand how it turned her life upside down. It took her almost a year and $9,000 in attorney fees to rectify the problem.

It hit even closer to home for me when my 27 year old daughter recently had her wallet stolen.  The thief charged over $1,800 on her credit card and tried to get money from her bank account.  The store clerks that allowed the transactions did not even verify the signature on the card…nor did they look at the name on the card to verify that the card was under a women’s name but a man was using it.  The store also refused to release the security tape to the police.  The police department tried to help as much as resources allowed but the high volume of thefts of this nature left my daughters case in the unsolved category.  It was a very frustrating experience for all of us.

It seems lately I am hearing more and more stories from people just like these stories that have been affected by some type of identity theft. I recently read that as many as 9 million Americans have had their identities stolen. This means that checking your credit scores once a year is no longer enough protection. I started researching how I could protect myself and my family from this growing crime.

Here are a few tips that I found to help safeguard and protect your identity and outsmart identity thieves:ident1

*Know who you are dealing with!
*Don’t use your debit card to pay for anything online.
*Look at your credit card and bank statements online at least once a week to check for unwanted charges. And if a credit card bill does not arrive in the mail on, notify the issuer right away. Someone may have taken the bill from the mailbox or changed or account address.
*Protect your PIN number. Shield it whenever you enter it into a keypad so people surrounding you cannot see it.
ident2*Keep all your sensitive information private– phone numbers addresses, email, off social networking sites. If you conduct business online use your own computer. Public computers are less secured. Never send a user name, password or personal info via email.
*Use strong passwords. Include letters & symbols. Do not use personal info for passwords. Change passwords regularly.
*Have a good bank that monitors for fraud.  On your debit and credit card have a prompt that requires your ID be verified on all transactions.
*Keep your voice down. Don’t charge things over the phone in public.
*Shred it. Don’t throw out anything with your address, account numbers or Social Security number on it. Shred it instead.  Do not carry your social security card with you.
*Don’t store credit card and bank numbers on your cell phone.

*Hang up! Never give personal information to telephone solicitors, even if they offer you a prize.  Also, your credit card company will never call you asking for personal card information. Never give your credit card info over the phone to an unsolicited caller.

*Beware of phishing scams. Don’t respond to any pop-ups. When you see an email that looks like it’s from a bank, PayPal, eBay, or any other site you might be registered to, be on guard. Look for misspelled or strange sender email addresses—they may be phishing. Don’t verify any account information directly through an email. Go to the service provider’s website instead. Log in from there.


Coffee & Cars OKC

by Bill Wilson on June 2, 2014

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Coffee & Cars OKC

Are you a car show junkie? If so, please make a note that the first Saturday every month is Coffee & Cars OKC. Lots of folks show up and show their toys. It’s held in the parking lot at Northpark Mall, NW 122nd and N May Ave. Plan on stopping by and having coffee and look at all the cars. You can see my photo album from the May show here.

Coffee & Cars OKC



June 1, 2014

     Being a military family we were excited when we found out that we were moving to Oklahoma City. We had heard so many positive things about the community and the quality of life in OKC. But most of all we thought it would be a great a place to raise a family. Boy, were […]

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Edmond Real Estate Market Recap

May 15, 2014

Edmond Market Statistics It’s been awhile since we’ve looked at the entire Edmond market and looking back over the last three years is actually somewhat startling! Prices up significantly, inventory down significantly. Lets take a look… 90-day stats for Single Family properties inEDMOND, OK as of August 8, 2014Median List Price:$326,384Average List Price:$393,012Total Inventory:982Price per […]

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April 14, 2014

In honor of my son’s 23 birthday today I am reposting a blog I did a few years ago.  He continues to amaze me with his zest for life and living every moment to the fullest. He is still going strong at working on crossing all his “must do’s” off his list.  I am proud that […]

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April 1, 2014

Spring in Oklahoma means the potential threat for severe weather is ever present so I thought I would post a few tornado safety tips I found from a radio website.   None of the tips include running outside with your camera to take pictures so when severe weather is approaching please take the proper precautions to keep you and […]

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What’s Happening in the OKC Metro for April

March 28, 2014

Spring is finally in the air and there are several things happening in April but one fun thing starts tonight. H&8th Night Market kicks off the 2014 season tonight 3/28 from 7-11. It will be held the last Friday of the month through November. There are 20 plus food trucks, live music and craft beer. Elements […]

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March 14, 2014

     It’s that time of year again. Spring break is almost here.  In my household this year we are not going on any type of vacation and the pestering from my children has already started. What are we going to do?   Their declarations of this year’s spring break will be the “most boring ever” has prompted me to do a little […]

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